The World’s Management Dilemma (2011)

The management of our planet faces one dilemma, one puzzle: that the culture which has come to predominate the world, what could be described as Niall Quinn’s “taker” culture, while being built on the principle and mentality of management (reaching its zenith with Ralston-Saul’s corporate globalist system, where the world is subjugated to managers in the commercial world and their state-bureaucracy offspring), and belief in this, leading to a product borne from this “management” which has become ever-increasingly impossible to drive and manage.

All the wagons and carriages have been hooked up together in every direction whichsoever. So where is this created mass heading, or supposed to go?

The simultaneity here is the dilemma, as is its reproduction of itself. Yet there is no way to control it all, nobody actually knows what they are doing (including myths such as Germany know better, etc.)

The task ought to be carried out with the same mentality as underpins Global Warming: the basis claim is not the declaration about knowing with certainty, or knowing what to do, but more importantly being certain of what has to not be done. The danger exists with the claim of certainty.


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