The Covert Philosophers

One important distinction between Europe’s Enlightment and post-Enlightenment period of world leadership, and the USA’s capture of the throne after WWII, is the overencompassing attribute of its guiding philosophers. The European period, particular before and leading into WWI, was defined by the public’s awareness of its guiding philosophers. Nietzsche, Kant, Hume to name a few. After WWII this characteristic changed. Wittman, Bernays, perhaps George Kennan. Completely unknown to the Europe public. Putting Wittman aside,  working fully in the background in the USA as well. While the impacts of and policy adherence to the ideas and concepts of these thinkers, ultimately as deeply in Europe as in the USA due to follow-on effects of US management in rebuilding and refinancing Europe, as is so often demonstrated by political scientists and sociologists, all in directly inverse proportion to the public awareness of these figures and there theories there.

Covert philosophers one might say, guiding societies in exactly such a manner and mechanism of covertness as is the nature of the US World Empire a covert empire of world control. To which it adds, as time goes on and new imperatives and social paradigms arise, new covert forms of control: World Bank, IMF, think tanks, petrodollar, the removal of Glass-Steagal… Facebook and Fake News.


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