Macht durch (Kultur)verblödung und Spalten und Herrschen, Lügen wenn nötig

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Another superpower may have used other means, however largely or subtley different, to create and defend the same position Washington gained, has held and intends to hold. Based on the US Constitution (no official language), the spread of pop culture (as opposed to high culture and classical education), and the succesful modes used over its historical power lineage and own history, these are the ways through which the superpower (or forces using that shell to enforce their own hunger for power and control) communicably exercises this power. To the detriment of what Europe, an everpresent potential rival it had displaced in that position it must never be forgotten, had already previously learnt, built and is being assisted in degrading and disassembling due to their inawareness of how this is being done.



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